Bookings can be done:

  Mon-Fri    08.00 - 18.00
  Saturday  09.00 - 15.00


If you wish to book after 4 pm
please do it in advance






Should I go to a specialist or do it on my own?

It is always better to ask a professional groomer for help rather then trying to do it on your own, without the necessary knowledge and equipment.

Handling – some dogs find grooming pleasurable, others barely tolerate it.
 Groomers are experts in pets handling, they will have fewer problems on the table during haircut and probably avoid the struggle you may experience by yourself.

Techniques – professional groomers know well how to properly brush, de-matt,
de-shed, strip and bathe a pet. They won't hurt your pet during hairstyling,
what you may accidentally do.

Accessories – a specialist will have all the necessary and professional tools to groom your pet, like combs, brushes, nail cutters, clippers and blades, scissors, stripping knives, shedding rakes and cosmetics.

Beauty - a professional groomer will make much better hairstyling then you may do by yourself. 

Pet, breed standard and show grooming

There is a big difference between those 3 grooming hair stylizations

Pet (hygienic) cut is the most popular stylization done for an owner and pet comfort in various length and hairstyles. 

Breed standard is done to keep the typical look of the particular breed.

Show groom means top quality cut to optimize body shape and coat structure for dog show purpose, always done by a breed professional.

How often?

Regular grooming prevents mats, tangles and keeps the hair in good condition. Haircut frequency is individual and depends on the breed, coat length, matting tendency and stylisation prefferences. We will suggest you a proper time intervals after first groom.

It is time to visit a groomer when:

- you have troubles at combing
- you have notice that your pet has tangles/knots
- coat is too long in your opinion
- your pet is loosing a lot of coat (moulting, shedding)
- you are planning to show your dog.