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Nowa Strona

Proper food diet, phisical activity and the coat care means happy and more healthy pet...
In this section I will try answer the question how to care properly about your dog/cat coat.

The Coat types


There is over 500 described breeds of dogs. They have different size, body shape and the coat structure. Basicaly we can describe few type of coats: double coat, silky, wire, smooth and wool.


Brushes & Combs


All dogs need a regular hair care. Shops offer wide assortment of brushes and combs but the question is "Which ones are the most suitable for your pets's coat?" I will try to answer that question for you.




How often I should bath my dog? Which shampoo and conditioner will be best one? Human? Pet one? Or maybe it is better do not bath at all?
Lets learn more about it...