Bookings can be done:

  Mon-Fri    08.00 - 18.00
  Saturday  09.00 - 15.00


If you wish to book after 4 pm
please do it in advance






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Our Studio

Agnes Pet Grooming Studio is managed by professional groomer with over 20 years experience in show and commercial grooming 

 We offer: 

- individual approach to each customer;
- wide range of grooming services (from nail clip to full groom);
- all dogs & cats are hand dried and groomed on a one to one basis;
- high standards of grooming, safety and hygiene in a modern,
  spacious and well equipped studio.

Available services:


- Smooth clip (shaving)

- Tidy up
- Fluffy cut
- Trimming (flat, silky coat)
- Hand stripping (wire coat)
- Long coat professional care

- Fancy pet groom (customers specification)
- Breed standard groom
- Show groom (upon request)


- de-shedding (to prevent moulting),
- de-matting (where appropriate)
- puppy coat maintenance
- nail clipping (safe cut),
- ear cleaning & hair removal,
- paws/tail cut, 
- a face trim,


- Wash and go (bath, blast and towel dry)
- Groomer's bath (ShowTech)
- Hypoallergenic bath (organic cosmetics Tropiclean, Botaniqa)
- luxury SPA bath (organic Botaniqa cosmetics)
- flea treatment bath