Bookings can be done:

  Mon-Fri    08.00 - 18.00
  Saturday  09.00 - 15.00


If you wish to book after 4 pm
please do it in advance






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We do ask for 48 hours notice of appointment cancellations. 
Thank you!
1. Safety

This is one of the most important rules we always use during work time - pet and work safety.
We never leave dog or cat without human assistance on the grooming table.
We always ask about any bad experience from the past or touchy body areas which may express with fear or aggression during grooming.

If you know or suspect that your dog will need a muzzle, please use it before you will enter the store. 


2. Health and Hygiene

It is very important to follow hygiene rules and use only disinfected equipment. We always clean carefully our studio and sterilize accessories  as well as wash in antibacterial liquid towels and stylist wear. 

Grooming means also health check - I will see all the skin changes - signs of allergy, bulks under, insects if there will be any. As well will examine paws, ears, teeth and gums condition and clean anal glands if it will be necessary. You will be informed about any changes which my need veterinary consultation.


3. Low Stress

Grooming doesn't have to be stressful for your dog. Modern equipment, good handling and friendly groomer's behavior will make it as much comfortable as it will be possible. 

For example - some dogs are very stressed from the air noise and wind force associated with high velocity dryers. To make drying more comfortable to them we use Happy Hoodie set which muffles the noise and calms the pet (see the picture). 
I never use anesthesia or any calming down pills.


4. Difficult pets 

Usually proper handling, patience and positive groomers' attitude are the best solution for nervous or scared dogs. With time they will understand that grooming can be a pleasure rather then a torture and next visit makes less problems.


5. Old pets

Veterans need more time and sometimes even breaks during grooming and when it is necessary we let them simply rest on the table.


6. The Look

I always put a lot of attention on details.
I never let pet to go without grooming it as good as it is possible. Doesn't matter if it is pet, breed standard or show groom - it has to be done perfectly. All dogs receive high quality service.